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We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery .
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Double Needle Bar Raschel Machine


Double needle bar warp knitting machines produce air-mesh spacer fabrics, shoe upper fabrics, seamless fabrics, and tube-like fabrics.

● RD6
● RD7
● RDJ5/1
● RDJ4/2
● AZ2885

Lace Machine

Lace machines produce high-end warp-knitted lace used as exquisite lace gallons, elegant overall fabrics as well as curtains.
● Raschel Lace Warp Knitting Machine
● Multibar Jacquard Lace Machine
● Multibar Fall Plate Lace Machine
● Jacquard Raschel Machine
● Vertical Curtain Machine

Tricot Machine

3 bars and 4 bars tricot warp knitting machines produce net mesh fabrics used as automotive fabrics, garments, and net curtains.


Terry Warp Knitting Machine

Terry towel warp knitting machine is for producing warp-knitted microfiber terry towel fabrics such as kitchen terry, cleaning terry, beach terry, and others.
● TS4-C
● TS4-EL
● TS4-TJ

Weft-insertion Warp Knitting Machine

Weft-insertion warp knitting machines is for producing interlining, flex banner, curtains, outwears, and industrial textiles.
● Weft-insertion Warp Knitting Machine RS2(3)-MSUS

Warping Machine

Warping polyester, nylon, cotton, spandex, and mother yarn to beams, a precondition to warp knitting process.
● AZ118L  Direct Warping Machine
● AZF328  Split Warping Machine
● AZE318  Spandex Warping Machine

Customer Cases

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A-Zen: Your Warp Knitting Machine Supplier

Warp Knitting Machine And Technology(WKT) Solutions Provider

A-Zen is an experienced warp knitting machine and warping machine manufacturer. We have provided nearly 1,000 sets of warp knitting machines in the market, including raschel lace warp knitting machines, double-needle bar raschel machines, terry towel warp knitting machines, and tricot machines. Thanks to the sound technology and in-time after-sales service, A-ZEN has won a high reputation from the market, and A-ZEN is committed to enabling the warp knitting future diversified industry and building a better world. Driven By Responsible Operation, Ongoing Innovation, And Open Collaboration, A -ZEN Has Established A Competitive WKT Portfolio Of End-To-End Solutions In Warp Knitting Machinery, Spare Parts, And Technology Training, Whose Service Covers Countries Including China, Turkey, India, Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Brazil And so on.

Why A-Zen Textile Is Trusted By Global Customers?

Quality Assurance  |  Collaboration  |  360° Service  |  Sustainability

Mass Production Capability

Our advanced CNC workshop and nimble assembly line support a large scale manufacturing, which reaches to 50 sets warp knitting machines per month.

15+ Years' Manufacturing Experience

Our warp knitting machines are offered in 20+ countries and areas, reputation gained as the working performance superior.

Quality Certification Granted

CE certificates granted for our full range of products
ISO certificate granted for our production factory.

360° Support on Installation & Training

A-ZEN overseas technical service team offers local service in Turkey, India, Indonesia, Iran, and Egypt, including installation, training, fabric analysis, and online support.

High-Quality Assurance

Precise and accurate manner required on warp knitting machines assembly, and market-tested spare parts used on our products.

High-precision Machining Center

High-precision CNC equipment proves a strong production ability on the critical parts, such as compound needle bed, tongue needle bar, and many others.

Choose A-ZEN To Be Your Warp Knitting Machine Supplier

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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