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Description Of Tricot Warp Knitting Machine

A-Zen offers high-speed tricot warp knitting machine HKS3M and tricot machine HKS4, which are designed for producing elastic and non-elastic mesh net warp-knitted textiles. AZEN Tricot machine could work at 2,000rpm because of the advanced crank lever components used and effective motion features designed.
A-Zen has started to produce tricot machines for around 8 years. After testing and improvement in technology, our tricot machines in the market have wined good reputation because of a good condition and in-time after-sale service. Our HKS3 and HK4 tricot machine performance are quite good.
Thanks to the EL servo drive system, the zig-zag patterns become available on the high-speed tricot warp knitting machines. With more advanced functions applied, the tricot machines are more durable and efficient.

  Tricot Machine HKS3M: 3 Bars Tricot Machine

  • High-speed tricot machines HKS3M mainly produce automotive textiles, sportswear, velvet, mosquito nets and many other textiles.
  • The working speed of HKS3M tricot warp knitting machine could reach 1850rpm/min, full bars and needle beds are made from high-strength carbon fiber material, and 4 working widths are available: 186", 218", 245" and 290".

  Tricot Machine HKS4-EL: 4 Bars Tricot Machine

  • Tricot Machine HKS4EL is designed to produce outwear and other net textiles.
  • With EL system, the fabric produced from HKS4EL tricot warp knitting machine outweigh others in its patterns and productivity.
  • E28 and E32 tricto machine HKS4 EL are the most popular gauge, and the working width are: 186", 218", 290".
Both tricot machines equipped with laser stop device, air-blower device and online support program.

Tricot Machine Knitting Fabrics Application

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In-house sampling production before delivery | Local engineers installation and training | On-line support | Routine maintenance services

In-house Sampling Production

In order to test our tricot machine performance, as well as to adjust machine specification to fit customer’s fabric quality, we provide in-house sampling production before the machine delivery.
We analyze fabric structure, make design sketch, and make record of the knitting process. Our customer could have the access to acknowledge our tricot machine performance during the real production, but also obtain the knitting production data which is helpful during their mass production.

Local Engineers Installation & Training

We build up serval overseas technical service teams in India, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, and Egypt. Those well-trained engineers have rich skills and experience for the tricot machines installation and production.
Our service includes Warping Machine installation, Double-needle Bar Raschel Machines installation, Tricot Machines installation, and Tricot Terry Warp Knitting Machines installation.
What’s more, our overseas engineers could provide warp knitting basic knowledge and maintenance training for our tricot machines.
Customers could contact A-ZEN China or A-ZEN overseas office to get this service.

On-line Support

All A-ZEN tricot machines equipped with on-line service program, and thanks to this, a faster and accurate service become available.
On-line Support refers to running faults rectify and machine system check and protect.
So far, we have many successful on-line support service stories in Turkey, India, Pakistan, and other places, and our customers enjoy a pleasant service which enables their tricot machines to be the productive ones.

Routine Maintenance

We send notifications to our tricot machine users regularly, especially after the machine works more than two years. The routine maintenance notification plays a vital role when the machine under a poor maintenance condition.
We hope our routine maintenance service could largely avoid production lose because of the inefficient maintenance of the tricot machines.

Tricot Machine FAQ

Company FAQ

  • How do you ensure your machine quality

    Firstly, we produce and provide lots of machines to the market, and our machines' lifespan and quality ensured by different markets over the years.

    Secondly, we largely use renowned and market-tested spare-part brands, to make sure the mechnical and electrical part are durable. 

    Besides, we have reqularl service to customers, to check our machines quality and remind customers of maintenance, so our customers could run machine always in a stable performance. 

  • Do you offer local service

    we provide local service in India, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and Iran so far, and we will enlarge our service teams in more countries in the near future.
  • What service can we get from your company?

    We offer various services to our warp knitting machines users, such as fabric analysis, designs development, local installation, and regular maintenance service.  Besides, we could also offer online guide and operation because of the wifi program equipped with our warp knitting machines. 

  • You are a trading company or a manufacturer

    we are a manufacturer since 2012, and we have our own trading company in 2017, the brand of which is A-ZEN, which is specialized for importing and exporting service. 
  • How do you provide service if Chinese engineers can not come installation

    Before machine delivery, we have a in-house test process, to make sure machine performance perfectly. After machine arrives, we provide in-time online guide to support our customer finish machine installation.

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