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Microfiber Cleaning Terry Machine Case

Views: 104     Author: A-ZEN Academy     Publish Time: 2022-04-16      Origin: Original

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360° Service: Technical Support From Microfiber Yarn Use to Post-dyeing Process

Microfiber Terry Towel Warp Knitting Machines Projects

As one of the most promising products, microfiber terry towel fabric enjoys great popularity because of its high productivity and profitable income.

Compared with loom machines, warp knitting machines could produce large productivity with mere yarn waste. Besides, microfiber terry cloth produced from warp knitting machine skip the coating or other chemical process, the production cost is significantly saved and the knitting process is much more environmental-friendly. 

A-ZEN offers three types of microfiber terry towel machines, namely TS4-C, TS4-EL, and TS4-TJ. Among these, TS4-C model warp knitting terry machine has already been sold in many countries, such as Pakistan, India, Türkiye, and many other places. Our customers produce microfiber cleaning cloths, microfiber kitchen towels, and beach towels.

warp-knitted terry towel (3) 副本

warp-knitted terry towel (1) 副本

warp-knitted terry towel (2) 副本

Some customers start the microfiber terry production from the beginning, so the full process knowledge including yarn use, warp knitting machine production operation, and finishing process (digital printing) technical know-how are necessary required. 

Based on this requirement from our customers, A-ZEN provides not only warping and warp knitting machines technical support but also dyeing and package details information of the microfiber cleaning fabrics. 

Thanks to our engineers’ sustained efforts and our Chinese local customer's shared knowledge, we're capable of offering the full details knowledge ranging from yarn specification to the final package process, and thanks to this, our overseas customers ran successfully their first microfiber terry towel projects.

microfiber terry finishing process (1) 副本
microfiber terry finishing process (5) 副本

microfiber terry finishing process (7) 副本

Digital Printing

microfiber terry finishing process (4) 副本


We are fully aware that our warp knitting machines users need full-scale support rather than equipment only, and to start production is a mere start, much more work to operate ahead. So we have hope to build up a 360° service for our customers, our target is to help our customers to run quality fabrics well and efficiently.

customers on-site (1)
customers on-site (2)

customers on-site (4)

A-ZEN Warp Knitting Service Team in Pakistan

A-ZEN Warp Knitting Machine Running Video in China:

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We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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