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Spandex Warping Machine

Spandex Warping Machine is for warping spandex or lycra yarn on beams, AZE318 model spandex warping machine with vertical creel driven by high performance servo motors, and equipped with extremely precise laser detector, and other devices to ensure the yarn tension stability. 


Main Technology Parameters:

  1. Warp Beam Size: 21"*21"(D), 21*30"(D);

  2. Warper Linear Speed: 600m/min;

  3. Pre-drafting: 0-200%, Final drafting: 15-100%;

  4. Brake time less than 0.6s, the deviation of the stop synchronization is less than 3%;

  5. Creel Capacity: 616, 700, 728, 784, 792, 896, .etc;

  6. Servo Motor Power: Warper head power 13.2KW, warper head tension roller 2.9KW, draft roller: 4.6KW, creel: 2*6.9KW;

  7. Total Power Consumption: 10KW.

Main Features:

  1. Highly Pricise Servo Drive:

    Driven in-phase by 5 individual servo motors, which used on the warper head, leverling roller, draft roller and cree. Highly pricise servo drives could eliminate working noise, and reduce fault rate which caused by the traditional mechanical drives;

  2. Stable Working Performance:

    AZE318 adopts durable PLC control system, and bus-mastering mode which improves control efficiency and working stability;

  3. Yarn Consistency Ensured:

    To ensure the precision of line speed of beam, AZE318 adopts highly precision laser device to measure and monitor the winding perimeter of the beam;

  4. Safety Protection:

    AZE318 is equipped protetive system to avoid faults or working risks caused by the sudden power break, no phrase or no pressure;

  5. Resource-effective Machine:

    Thanks to the various different elastic yarn bobbins compensation curves, AZE318 could positively calculate and adjust consistent rest yarn on creel, for helping the producers saving the plenty of material resource cost;

  6. High Automation:

    The system is equipped with self-diagnosed function which can monitor the condition in real time and yarn tension to make sure the system safety and precision. 

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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