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Split Warping Machine

The split warping machine is used to divide mother yarn into mono yarn which is widely used for double needle bar raschel machine and Tricot machine.
This warping machine can warp the mother yarns directly to beams by dividing the yarns into monofilaments and doing warping instead of dividing the yarn first into bobbins and warping the yarn bobbins to beams. So, both time and labor costs are saved. working efficiency is highly improved if the customer uses this split warping machine
A-Zen produces the split warping machine. We adopt high-quality mechanical spare parts and electronic accessories to ensure the mother yarn warping machine quality. Meanwhile, we provide a detailed direct split warping machine installation and operation catalog for our customers to support them to finish installation work and run the warping machine much easier.
Our high speed direct split waring machine export to Indonesia, Egypt, Iran, India, and Turkey are highly recognized by our customers. We are also proud of this. Most customers use 72 ends split warping machines, but we also provide customized end quantities to match our customer’s requirements.

Split warping machine features:

1. According to mother beam, copy sets of same beams

2. The micro-computer real-time monitoring system can detect beam's diameters in succession and regulate the tension at all time to make sure that diameters, out perimeter and length of a set of beams are equal

3. Tension roller adjusts yarn tension by PID, and then makes yarn tension stably.

4. The machine can give an alarm when it is in errors and calculation precision is high

5. Revising warping parameter on line. Mother beam can revise warping length and sub-beam can revise outer perimeter and length

6. The beam's load and unload is driven pneumatically, up and down straight line so it runs steadily and orientates accurately

7. Main shaft brakes pneumatically Roller adopts electric break

8. Operation is easy and can simulate the beams group.

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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