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Direct warping machine is a popular yarn warping machine for raschel machines beam warping. This machine is used for DTY and FTY yarn. With good performance and in-time online service, our direct warping machines win good reputation from the market. we also provide local service in India, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, and Indonesia.

Warping Machine

Description Of Warping Machine

  Direct Warping Machine Introduction

The direct warping machine is a popular and widely used yarn warping machine for raschel warp knitting machines. This beam warping machine is used for DTY and FTY. As a warping machine manufacturer, all our machines are adopted high-quality mechanical spare parts and branded electronic parts. With strict QC standards and in-time service, our qualified warping machines are welcomed by our customers.
Our direct yarn warping machine is a high-speed intelligent computer-controlled beam warping machine. It is full computer real-time online monitoring with the copy function to control yarn tension. The machine head is suitable for beams 21" x21"/ 30" x21"/ 21" x42"/ 30" x42", warping machine creels can by 6 layers, 7 layers or customized.
For the 15 years, we have sold the warping machines worldwide. We provide electric drawings and mechanical online guidance for our customers to support them to install and adjust the intelligent warning machines more quickly. If you have warping machine requirements, welcome to contact with us.
Direct Warping Machine Technical Data
Warping Speed 100-1000m/min
Warp Beam Size  21"x"(inch), 21"x 30"(inch) and other required size
Control Way  computer real-time controlled and monitor
Tension Roller  real-time Pid adjusts yarn tension in closed-loop control
Bean up and down, clamping and brake  pneumatically operated.
Main Motor 7.5KW AC-frequency controlled with constant linear speed
Brake Torque  1600NM
Air Connection 6 bar
Copy Precision  the outer perimeter are the same when the circles are
Maximum Counting Range  99999 meters(circle)

  Split Warping Machine

The split warping machine is used to divide mother yarn into mono yarn which is widely used for double needle bar raschel machine and Tricot machine.
This warping machine can warp the mother yarns directly to beams by dividing the yarns into monofilaments and doing warping instead of dividing the yarn first into bobbins and warping the yarn bobbins to beams. So, both time and labor costs are saved. working efficiency is highly improved if the customer uses this split warping machine
A-Zen produces the split warping machine. We adopt high-quality mechanical spare parts and electronic accessories to ensure the warping machine quality. Meanwhile, we provide a detailed split warping machine installation and operation catalog for our customers to support them to finish installation work and run the warping machine much easier.
Our split waring machine export to Indonesia, Egypt, Iran, India, and Turkey are highly recognized by our customers. We are also proud of this. Most customers use 72 ends split warping machines, but we also provide customized end quantities to match our customer’s requirements.
Split Warping Machine Technical Data
Mother yarns 8~16f(polyester,polyamide)
Beam size Φ535mmx535mm(21" x21")
Φ762mmx535mm(30" x21")
Φ535mmx1066mm(21" x42")
Φ762mmx1066mm(30" x42")
Warping Line Speed 80~1000m/min
Bobbin Size Φ90*380,Φ120*420,Φ125*420
Creel qty 560,720,780 or customized

  Spandex Warping Machine

Spandex Warping Machine is for warping spandex or lycra yarn on beams, AZE318 model spandex warping machine with vertical creel driven by high performance servo motors, and equipped with extremely precise laser detector, and other devices to ensure the yarn tension stability.
Spandex Warping Machine Technical Data
Warp Beam Size 21"*21"(D), 21*30"(D);
Warper Linear Speed 600m/min;
Pre-drafting 0-200%, Final drafting: 15-100%;
Brake Time less than 0.6s, the deviation of the stop synchronization is less than 3%;
Creel Capacity 616, 700, 728, 784, 792, 896, .etc;
Servo Motor Power Warper head power 13.2KW, warper head tension roller 2.9KW, draft roller: 4.6KW, creel: 2*6.9KW;
Total Power Consumption 10KW

Warping Machine Main Features

 Highly Pricise Servo Drive

Driven in-phase by 5 individual servo motors, which is used on the warper head, leverling roller, draft roller and warping  creel. Highly pricise servodrives could eliminate working noise, and reduce fault rate which caused by the traditional mechanical drives;

 Stable Working Performance

A-ZEN warping machines adopt durable PLC control system, and bus-mastering mode which improves control efficiency and working stability;

 Yarn Consistency Ensured

To ensure the precision of line speed of beam, A-ZEN yarn warping machine adopts highly precision laser device to measure and monitor the winding perimeter of the warping beam;

 Safety Protection

A-ZEN warping machine is equipped protective system to avoid faults or working risks caused by the sudden power break, no phrase or no pressure;

 Resource-effective Machine

Thanks to the various different yarn bobbins compensation curves, A-ZEN warping machine could positively calculate and adjust consistent rest yarn on creel, for helping the producers saving the plenty of material resource cost;

 High Automation

The system is equipped with self-diagnosed function which can monitor the condition in real time and yarn tension to make sure the system safety and precision.
We will be in a very short period of time to give you a satisfactory reply.

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Warping Machine FAQ

Company FAQ

  • How do you ensure your machine quality

    Firstly, we produce and provide lots of machines to the market, and our machines' lifespan and quality ensured by different markets over the years.

    Secondly, we largely use renowned and market-tested spare-part brands, to make sure the mechnical and electrical part are durable. 

    Besides, we have reqularl service to customers, to check our machines quality and remind customers of maintenance, so our customers could run machine always in a stable performance. 

  • Do you offer local service

    we provide local service in India, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and Iran so far, and we will enlarge our service teams in more countries in the near future.
  • What service can we get from your company?

    We offer various services to our warp knitting machines users, such as fabric analysis, designs development, local installation, and regular maintenance service.  Besides, we could also offer online guide and operation because of the wifi program equipped with our warp knitting machines. 

  • You are a trading company or a manufacturer

    we are a manufacturer since 2012, and we have our own trading company in 2017, the brand of which is A-ZEN, which is specialized for importing and exporting service. 
  • How do you provide service if Chinese engineers can not come installation

    Before machine delivery, we have a in-house test process, to make sure machine performance perfectly. After machine arrives, we provide in-time online guide to support our customer finish machine installation.
We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.

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