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Double Needle Bar Raschel Machine RD6

RD6-EL is designed to produce spacer textile which is also called the 3D warp-knitted textiles, such as sports shoes, automobile seats, mattress textiles, and others. The thickness of which could between 1mm up to 50mm.
A-ZEN RD6-EL double needle bar warp knitting machine has 6 ground bars, the working width of RD6EL is optional, such as 138", and 210".
  • RD6

  • A-ZEN

  • 138“,200”,210“

  • E18, E22, E24, E28



RD6-EL is designed to produce air-mesh spacer textile which is also called three-dimensional mesh fabrics, which have a vast application, such as sports mesh shoe uppers, automotive seats, mattress textiles, and others.

A-ZEN RD6-EL double needle bar raschel machine enters the market since 2014, and continuous improvements seen in its warp knitting mechanical structure and electronical elements over the years. With more market-tested technology applied and durable parts adopted, Changzhou A-ZEN RD6-EL warp knitting machine is becoming one of the most welcome machine models among A-ZEN warp knitting machines.

A-ZEN RD6-EL warp knitting machine has 6 ground bars, the knock-over comb bar distance is from 2 to 12 mm, and the working width of RD6EL has 138", and 210" two widths in general.

Meanwhile, A-ZEN also produces other types of double-needle bar warp knitting machines, like RD7, RDJ5/1, RDJ4/2, and AZ2885

 warp knitted spacer fabric (8) warp knitted spacer fabric (1) warp knitted spacer fabric


1 Working Width 138" ,210"
2 Machine Gauge E18/E22/E24/E28
3 Working Speed 50-750rpm (Depends on Yarn and Designs);
4 Knock-over Comb Bar Distance 2-12mm;
5 Bars/Knitting Elements 2 needle bars with latch needle units (individual needle and needle block optional), 2 knock-over comb bars, and 6 ground bars;
6 Pattern Drive System Pattern Discs Drive or EL Drive (Optional);
7 Yarn Let-off Device EBC Yarn Let-off System;
8 Fabric Take-up Electronic Fabric Take-up System;
9 Batching Device Electronic Batching Device;
10 Laser Stop Detector and Online Service Program Equipped; Optional.
11 Air Blower Device Optional.
12 In-house test Optional.


1. Stable Working Performance;

2. Reliable Spare-parts Partners

 (1) Needle Elements Suppliers: Groz-Beckert, Saxonia;

 (2) EL Drives Suppliers: Mitsubishi, Nidec, Yaskawa;

 (3) Bearing Suppliers: NSK, INA, FAG;

 (4) Needle Beds and Bars Material: Magnalium Material;

 (5) Electrical Elements Suppliers: Schneider, Siemens, Omron, INVT;

 (6) Take-up Belt: Bobotex.

3. Overseas Service Team: Türkiye, India, Egypt, Indonesia, and Iran.


warp knitting Individual Needles

Individual latch needles

Latch Needles

Block latch needles

warp knitting knock-over comb bar

Knock-over comb bar

warp knitting machine ground bar

Guide ground bar under CNC production 

airmesh knitted fabric

Air-mesh fabric produced by RD6-EL machine

warp knitting machine production

Customer's production factory 

Changzhou A-ZEN Warp Knitting

Changzhou A-ZEN warp knitting

A-ZEN RD6-EL machine delivery to overseas countries


RD6-EL running for producing air mesh sports shoe textile in Türkiye, 2021. 

Packaging & Shipping


Warp Knitting Machine Delivery

lace making machine

Seaworthy Package


Q: What is your RD6 EL machine running speed.

A: Our RD6 EL double needle bar warp knitting machine can run at a stable machine speed around 600-750RPM.  

Q: How is your RD6 double needle bar machine quality.

A: 1. we have experienced installtion and R&D team for this type machine

    2. we adopts branded electronical parts and imported machenical parts for our machines to ensure it's basic quality condition.

    3. we tested each machine before delivery. 

    4. we collect feedback from our machine adjust team and then improve our technology accordingly. 

so with years market test, our machine quality is good and stable.

Q: Do you offer local service?

A: We provide local service in India, Türkiye, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Iran so far, and we will enlarge our service teams in more countries shortly.  but meanwhile, we have detailed machine Operation Manual and on-line technical support. most of our customers can finish machine adjustment efficiently

Company Information

warping knitting machine manufacture

Manufacturing Factories:

We have four workshops, two of them are warp knitting machines and warping machines workshops, and another two are fabric production mill and spare parts manufacture workshops separately.

Most of our newly developed machines will be used in our fabric knitting factory for a profound test, after which, we will promote them into the market.

Spare parts such as compound needle bed, tongue needle bed, needle guide bar, sinker bed, and latch needle bed is produced in our CNC machines, the bars or beds used on Chinese and German warp knitting machines. 

exhibition booth Global Exhibition: 

We attend professional textile machinery exhibitions worldwide, such as ITMA, ITM, ITME, and many others. During the exhibition, we not only display our newly developed technology but also offer economical products to our customers. 

It is also a good time to collect customers' feedback and new demand so that we could make better machines for them. 

Communication and Cooperation is our theme and participated in all exhibitions. 

warp knitting machine training Customer Training

Technical support plays an extremely role in warp knitting machine services. We offer different forms of training, including professional manual books, online guides, video albums, and on-site training. 

So far, we have offered on-site training in more than 10 countries and built up our local service teams in Turkey, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, and Egypt. 

Our in-time & professional technical support gain a high reputation in markets.

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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