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Double Needle Bar Machine Case

Views: 25     Author: A-ZEN Academy     Publish Time: 2022-04-16      Origin: Original

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High-performance Shoes Spacer Warp Knitting Machine/ Amid Covid-19 by overseas services team

Double-needle Bar Raschel Machine RD6-EL

A-ZEN RD6-EL warp knitting machine has already gained a high reputation from the Turkey spacer fabric market, especially in the air-mesh shoe fabrics.

In the year 2021, A-ZEN's new-generation high-speed RD6-EL entered the Turkey market, which was equipped with advanced functions such as the Mitsubishi drive system, fine quality mechanical process, and many other functional and protective devices.

The working speed of RD6-EL could reach 750rpm, and the knock-over distance ranges from 2mm-12mm.

double needle bar machine (1)

210" RD5 Warp Knitting Machine

double needle bar machine (2)

138" RD6-EL Double-needle Bar Warp Knitting Machine

double needle bar machine (3)

With the professional technical service from A-ZEN Turkish engineers, the brand new air-mesh sports shoe project gained fantastic success.

After the successful start, more same specification RD6-EL machines were requested by our loyal customer, which proves that our machines play an effective and profitable performance, meantime, some valuable suggestions adopted during a longtime running, which in turn helps our machine performance moves forward.

Win-win cooperation is called for a solid and more supportive partnership, we will continue our quality improvements and support for every customer.

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