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Raschel Jacquard Machine Case

Views: 49     Author: A-ZEN Academy     Publish Time: 2022-04-16      Origin: Original

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The Best Partner to Warp-knitted Curtain Producers

Jacquard Raschel Machine TH-4/1F

As the first Chinese Jacquard Raschel Warp Knitting Machine brand entering Egypt, A-ZEN offered a sound quality net curtain warp knitting machine with sustained support to our loyal customer, the leading curtain brand in the Middle East Market.

Chinese warp knitting machine maker (3)


Chinese warp knitting machine maker (2)

Our TH-4/1F model warp knitting machines running in Egypt since 2017 for the net curtains stay a highly stable working performance: 500-580rpm running speed, high efficiency, and productivity, and economical maintenance cost help our customers gain strong competition in the fierce markets.

Besides, our continuous collaboration in warp-knitted curtain design development also makes a contribution to higher-value curtain fabrics.

Warp-knitted Curtain

warp-knitted curtain (1)
warp-knitted curtain (3)

warp knitting machine RJPC (2)

TH-4/1F is one of the most stable and renowned warp knitting machines from A-ZEN Textile Technology, the working width of it including 130”, 200”, and 242”, and the guage mainly in E18, and E24.

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/ITKXl8rZ2rQ?feature=share

Our unwavering commitment to making high-quality warp knitting machines and offering continuous support to our customers exists not only in Egypt, but also in many other places, such as India, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, and so on.

raschel jacquard warp knitting Chinese brands (2)
raschel jacquard warp knitting Chinese brands (3)
raschel jacquard warp knitting Chinese brands (1)
raschel jacquard warp knitting Chinese brands (4)

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.

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