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Customers Find Success From the Vertical Warp-knitted Curtain

Views: 98     Author: A-ZEN Academy     Publish Time: 2022-04-16      Origin: Original

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Customers Find Success From the Vertical Warp-knitted Curtain

Raschel Jacquard curtain warp knitting machine is one of the most successful warp knitting machines from A-ZEN products. 

Another successful story happened in Fuzhou city, which is famous for warp knitting lace and raschel fabrics in China, where our revolutionary raschel jacquard machine TH-5/1 and TH-7/1F gain a warmly welcome from the local market.

Vertical Blinds Curtain knitting machine

Vertical Curtain Knitting Machine Professional: TH-5/1F Model Warp Knitting Machine 

TH-5/1F or TH-7/1F is designed to develop smart curtain textile (Related link: TH-5/1 TH-7/1 Catalog), the advantages of our raschel jacquard warp knitting machines in their stable running performance, the swing ground bars accept wider shogging technique, also, various patterns are available on our raschel jacquard curtain knitting machines.

AZEN Warp Knitting Machine

New Warp Knitting Curtain Machines Arrive, Beam Yarn Threading Work In Full Swing

Shared Knowledgement: Warp Knitting Machine Maintenance & Production Service 

With more machines offered to customers, we provided on-site training to new enters and production experience-sharing activities with them. Know-how sharing plays a vital role in customers' service work, so we sent an after-sales team to customers' factories to offer frontier service.

We believe that the shared technology will lead to a prosperous future!

warp knitting curtain production

The shading effect and yarn tension issues discussion

warp knitting curtain production

Vertical blinds measurement check

warp knitting curtain production

Finished fabric and greige fabric anaylsis 

360° Service: From Warp Knitting Machine to Fabric Finishing Process Consulting

After the on-site service, customers showed us how they do the process and package, and they expressed their thanks and trust in both future cooperation and market forecast.

In addition, more creative ideas come out from the full communication, our customers extended their future machines orders willing, as well as their improvement suggestions on our current warp knitting machines. 

A-ZEN holds the idea that each suggestion from the market will bolster a more durable warp knitting machine product. We always welcome our knitting machine users to share their feedback with our factory. 

curtain knitting machinecurtain knitting machine

Customers' Smart Curtain Package Process

Smart Curtain Machines, the most welcome warp knitting curtain machines. 

A-ZEN service team visited other customers in Fuzhou, where the revolutionary curtain technology is helping the producers catch success. Because of its inimitable advantages and functional features, such as anti-ultraviolet, anti-mildew, anti-static and cost-effectiveness, smart curtain is becoming the overwhelming curtain in markets. 

As a warp knitting machine producer, we will ramp up our support to our customers, a healthy and long-term partnership is our pursuit.

curtain knitting machineblackout curtain knitting machine

TH-7/1F Blackout vertical blinds curtain production 

A-ZEN Chinese warp knitting machine maker

A-ZEN Warp Knitting Engineers and Sales Team Visiting the Chinese Clint in Fuzhou, Fujian. 

Running Video of A-ZEN TH-5/1F Warp Knitting Machine: 

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Machine Sales Contact: edison@azentex.com

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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