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Why Choose Warp-knitted Cotton Towels

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TS4-C warp knitting machine is a high-speed warp knitting towel machine that can produce microfiber and staple fibersBig Bundle Casual Cotton Bath Towel (4) cotton yarn terry towels.

The TS4-C terry machine is compared positively to other terry machines, such as large daily productivity, the non-sizing process required, and cost-effectiveness in production and maintenance. By using cotton fiber beams on GB1, GB3, and GB4, TS4-C could produce high-quality cotton terry fabrics.

Advantages of Warp-knitted Cotton Towels

Compared with a microfiber terry towel, the cotton towel shows incomparable advantages, the cotton towel is more softer, more durable, and more absorbent.

Softness, Durability, and Absorbency

Dive into the unmatched softness, durability, and absorbency of cotton towels compared to microfiber alternatives. Learn how natural cotton fibers enhance breathability, making them perfect for various applications.

Adjustable Weight and Pile Height

Warp-knitting cotton fabric's pile height and GSM, grams per square meter, are adjustable by just editing pattern disc notation (pattern disc or EL motor drive setting, see: TS4-C-EL Machine) and take-up density. Thanks to this function, the warp-knitted cotton towel has a wide range of weights.

Traditionally, the thicker towel is more luxurious, thus many heavy towels are used as hotel towels. However, the lighter towel or the thinner towel drys faster, so it is more efficient and widely used in gyms, salons, and kitchens.

Below chart explains different terry loop pile height and terry fabric weight under different notations:

Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3


GB1: 1-0/3-4//

GB2: 0-1/1-0//

GB3: 5-5/0-0//

GB4: 1-0/4-4//


GB1: 1-0/5-6//

GB2: 0-1/1-0//

GB3: 5-5/0-0//

GB4: 1-0/4-4//


GB1: 1-0/7-8//

GB2: 0-1/1-0//

GB3: 5-5/0-0//

GB4: 1-0/4-4//


GB1: 4152mm/rack

GB2: 2326mm/rack

GB3: 2651mm/rack

GB4: 3801mm/rack


GB1: 5000mm/rack

GB2: 2275mm/rack

GB3: 2600mm/rack

GB4: 3800mm/rack


GB1: 6102mm/rack

GB2: 2250mm/rack

GB3: 2700mm/rack

GB4: 4000mm/rack

Take-up: 10 c/cm Take-up: 10c/cm Take-up: 10c/cm
Speed: 700rpm Speed: 700rpm Speed: 700rpm

Weight: 395gsm

Pile Height: 5.5mm/4mm

Weight: 435gsm

Pile Height: 9mm/4mm

Weight: 475gsm

Pile Height: 12mm/4mm

cotton towels (3) cotton towels (2) cotton towels (1)

Cotton Towel is Softer

Warp-knitted cotton towel outstands other towels in their exceptional softness. Thanks to its long fibers on the surface, the cotton towel is softer and has better skin affinity.

Terry Bath Robe

Cotton Towel is More Absorbent

With long staple fibers, the cotton towel is to be super absorbent compared with the microfiber terry towels. Towels made from cotton will dry more quickly and in turn, be less inclined to absorb too much moisture from the atmosphere, especially useful in more humid climates. It means they don't run the risk of going or staying damp and harboring mildew or bacteria, which you can experience with other types of cotton.

Cotton Towel is Durable & Cost-Effective

Warp Knitting Machine is a high-speed and highly-productive knitting machine, because of its stable working performance, the daily production of the cotton towel could reach over 1,000kg.

Besides, as a vast-grown plant, cotton is much easier to get. Fine cotton grows in many places, such as India, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, and many others places.

Because of these merits, cotton towels are widely used as bath towels, washcloths, hand towels, beach towels, and decorative towels.

TS4-C as Your Preferred Terry Machine

warp knitting terry machine

As a flagship terry machine, the TS4-C model warp knitting machine has been tested by different markets over years and is becoming a more stable and economical warp knitting terry machine.

A High-performance Warp Knitting Machine

The TS4-C model warp knitting tricot machine adopts the most stable crankshaft construction, and thanks to the continuously improved spare parts and lightweight carbon fiber needle beds and needle bars used, TS4-C can easily reach 1,300 rpm at a stable running condition.

When producing microfiber yarns, such as 150D/144F DTY on GB1, GB3, and GB4, and 100D/48F FDY on GB2, the terry machine can stably maintain a speed of 1,000-1,200 rpm for a long time. While when producing cotton yarn, such as GB1, GB3, and GB4 use 21s cotton, and GB2 uses 100D/48F FDY, the machine could maintain 700-800 rpm at a stable condition.

So the daily production for a 186" wide terry machine could be 800KG of microfiber terry fabrics and around 1500KG of cotton terry fabrics. The big productivity improves producers to get strong competitiveness in markets.

Cotton Terry Towel (2)

A More Durable & Economical Warp Knitting Machine

By using a big quantity of market-tested spare parts brands like FAG, INA bearing, Groz-Beckert, Saxonia needles, Yaskawa, Inovance servo motors, and many other electrical elements such as Omron, and Schneider, the TS4-C is a very durable warp knitting machine.

Besides, the stronger mechanical and electrical parts make a contribution to a long-term working lifespan, which in turn, largely reduces the machine stop and repair risks. Good parts are essential things to warp knitting machinery. Changzhou A-ZEN adheres to the strategic road of quality first always.

Superior After-sales Service

To date, Changzhou A-ZEN has already built local on-site after-sales service teams in India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Iran, and more overseas service sites are developing. Our overseas on-site service teams will provide warp knitting machines installation service, warp-knitted fabric production training service, long-term technical maintenance, warp-knitting spare parts service, and warp-knitting technology consulting service. We hope that through these front-line services, our customers can use our equipment more efficiently and economically, and continuously improve their technical capabilities and market competitiveness.

Our technical team will always be committed to the development and application of new warp knitting technologies. We also continue to communicate with customers on the development of towel fabrics and the promotion and introduction of new technologies. 

 TS4-C Terry Machine Runs Cotton Yarn Video:

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