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Split Warping Machine

AZ328 split warping machine is an automatic warping machine that splits the mother yarn and then warps the beam. the warped beam can be used directly by the warp knitting machine. This is a technological improvement that saves the labor cost for customers. 
  • AZ328

  • A-ZEN

  • 720 ends; 700 ends, 640 ends, or customized


Split Warping Machine Introduction

AZ328 split warping machine is an automatic warping machine that splits the mother yarn and then warps the beam. the warped beam can be used directly by the warp knitting machine. This is a technological improvement that saves the labor cost for customers.

This split warping machine is mostly used for nylon and polyester raw materials. Most tricot machines or double needle bar raschel machines customers require the mother yarn split warping machine.

The direct split warping machine warp the beam according to the required number and specified length to ensure the consistency of the warped beam.

Yarn Split Warping Machine Product Description

warping machine is an equippment used for beam warping. With years’experience and on-going technology development, A-ZEN split warping machine has become a fair smart one with many advantages combined, such as easier operation system, intelligent camera detector, auto-saved data, durable PLC system, strong reed needles, and highly-quality measuring speed rollers. 

Split Warping Machine Main Features

  1. The whole machine adopts asynchronous servo control. The tension is precisely controlled by the computer which greatly reduces energy consumption.

  2. The double-group tension roller adopts a double pneumatic control structure. This kind of structure has many advantages. Like precise control, separate structure design, convenient installation, and machine stability.

  3. The surface of the tension roller is treated with special material, which is more durable with long use life. Meanwhile, this high-quality tension roller increases the friction to ensure the yarn’s smooth running.

  4.  he tension of the mother yarn can be automatically repaired and adjusted by the computer according to the warping data, which ensures the consistency of the bobbin tension from large to small during work.

  5. The power failure stop function adopts a large-capacity battery, which can effectively ensure the normal shutdown of the equipment when the equipment is suddenly powered off.

Split Warping Machine Date

Mother yarns


Beam size

Φ535mmx535mm(21" x21")

Φ762mmx535mm(30" x21")

Φ535mmx1066mm(21" x42")

Φ762mmx1066mm(30" x42") 

Warping line speed


Bobbin size


Creel qty

560,720,780 or customized

Split Warping Machine Photo

warping machine electonical part mother yarn warping machine creel mother yarn warping machine beam chuck split warping machine eyelet board

Packaging & Shipping

split warping machine

Warping Machine Head

split warping machine delivery

Warping Machine Delivery


Q: What is your split warping machine running Speed?

A: Our warping machine running speed range is 80~1000m/min

Q: What yarn can be split by your warping machine

A: nylon polyester 300/10, 200/10, and so on.

Q: How many cones can your yarn split warping machine have.

A: our split warping machine can have cones up to 80 pcs. Each cone maximum weight can not be over 20kgs

Q: How is your direct split warping machine quality

A: We have sold our machines to the international market to many customers and receive very good feedback from them.

We largely use renowned and market-tested spare-part brands, to make sure the mechnical and electrical part are durable

Machine Running Vedio

Company Information

warping knitting machine manufacture

Manufacturing Factories:

We have four workshops, two of them are warp knitting machines and warping machines workshops, another two are fabric production mill and spare parts manufacture workshop separately.

Most of our newly developed machines will be used in our fabric knitting factory for a profound test, after which, we will promote into the market.

Spare parts such as compound needle bed, tongue needle bed, needle guide bar, sinker bed, and latch needle bed are produced in our CNC machines, the bars or beds used on Chinese and German warp knitting machines. 

exhibition booth Global Exhibition: 

We attend professional textile machinery exhibitions worldwide, such as ITMA, ITM, ITME, and many others. During the exhibition, we not only display our newly developed technology, but also offer economical products to our customers. 

It is also a good time to collect customers' feedback and new demand, so that we could make better machines for them. 

Commuication and Cooperation is our theme to participate in all exhibitions. 

warp knitting machine training Customer Training

Technical support plays an extremely role in warp knitting machine services. We offer different forms of training, including professional manul book, online guide, video album, and on-site training. 

So far, we have offered on-site training in more than 10 countries, and build up our own local service teams in Turkey, India, Pakistan, Indoneisa, Iran, and Egypt. 

Our in-time & professional technical support gains a highly reputation in markets. 

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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