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Stitch-bonding Machines

Stitch-bonding machines are warp-knitting machine, they are used for the sewing processing of nonwoven fabric, to increase its fastness and toughness. The Stitch-bonding warp knitting machine or Non-woven warp knitting machine is for producing technical textiles such as shoe interlining, shopping bag, geotextile dewatering bags, reinforced composite glass fiber textile, disposable dish cloth, and other fabrics.
  • BS2-V, BS2-F

  • A-ZEN

  • 240cm, 330cm, 360cm, 440cm

  • F7, F12, F14, F16, F18, F20, and F22.


Stitch Bonding Machine Overview

The Stitch-bonding warp knitting machine or Non-woven warp knitting machine is for producing technical textiles such as shoe interlining, shopping bag, disposable dish cloth, non-woven towels, reinforced composite glass fiber textile and other fabrics.

stitch-bonding-non-woven-machine-needle-elementsChangzhou A-ZEN produces high-advanced stitch-bonding warp knitting machine from 1 bar to 4 bars, and the gauge of which are F7, F12, F14, F16, F18, F20, and F22.

Equipped with electronic take-up, electronic batching devices and other advanced functions, A-ZEN stitch bonding machine could reach to Max. 1,500rpm.

Stitch-bonding Machine Technical Data

1. Working Width:
2400mm, 2800mm, 3300mm, 3600mm, 4400mm;
2. Gauge: F7, F12, F14, F16, F18, F20, and F22.
3. Bars Amount: 1 Bar
4. Working Speed: 50-1,500rpm (Depends on Yarn and Designs);
5. Stitch Length Variable: 0.5 ~ 5.5mm
6. Pattern Drive System: Pattern Disc Drive;
7. Yarn Let-off Device: Electronic Yarn Let-off System;
8. Fabric Take-up: Electronic Fabric Take-up System;
9. Batching Device: Electronic Batching Device;
10. Warp Beam Size:  Φ30"x21"
11. Main Power: 7.5KW (2800,3600mm), 11KW (4400mm)

Non-woven Stitch Bonded Fabric Applications

  • Shoe Insole Fabric

Shoe Insole Nonwoven FabricShoe Lining Nonwoven Fabric

Basis Weight: 55gsm~220gsm;

Composition: 100% Recycle Polyester;

Stitch Spacing: 12F, 14F, 18F, 20F;

Features of Cloth: The raw material of stitchbond is the use of high-quality plastic bottle pieces, which are processed to form recycled chemical fiber. After the non-woven process, 80%-95% recycled polyester and 5%-20% high-quality polyester filaments are used.

  • Waterproof Spunbond Lining Cloth

Waterproof-Spunbond-Lining-Clothes-by-The-Yard (2)Waterproof-Spunbond-Lining-Clothes-by-The-Yard (1)

  • Nonwoven Cleaning Cloth

Nonwoven Cleaning Cloth Heavy Duty Hand Wipes Daily (1)Nonwoven Cleaning Cloth Heavy Duty Hand Wipes Daily (2) 

Basis Weight: 33gsm~100gsm;

Composition: 100% Natural Fiber, Natural Fiber+Polyester Fiber, 100% Polyester;

Features of Cloth: Durable, Strong Strength, Washable, Good Water Absorbency;

Applications: Cleaning Cloth, Kitchen Cloth.

  • Nonwoven Resuable Shopping Bags

    Non Woven Lamination Packing Bag (1)Non Woven Lamination Packing Bag (4)

Nonwoven resuable shopping bags is suitable for laminated printing, heat transfer, digit printing, etc. 


Q:  Are you a machine manufacturer?

A:  Yes, we are a warp knitting machine manufacturer. We produce warp knitting machines and warping machines since 2012, and we have our own trading company in 2017, the brand of which is A-ZEN, which is specialized for importing and exporting service.

Q: Do you offer local service if we buy your stitch-bonding machines?

A: we provide local service in India, Türkiye, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and Iran so far, and we will enlarge our service teams in more countries in the near future. except that, we also provide on-line technical support.

Q: How do you ensure your machine's quality

A: Firstly, we produce and provide big quantity machines to markets, and our machines' lifespan and quality tested by different markets over the years.

Secondly, we largely use renowned and market-tested spare-part brands, to make sure the mechnical and electrical part are durable.

Besides, we offer reqular service to customers, including offer regular maintenance reports, local support, online support mechanism, and factory visits. We not only help our customers run machines at stable performance, but also help them in creating more values from our machines.


Packaging & Shipping


Warp Knitting Machine Delivery

lace making machine

Seaworthty Package

Company Information

warping knitting machine manufacture

Manufacturing Factories:

We have four workshops, two of them are warp knitting machines and warping machines workshops, another two are fabric production mill and spare parts manufacture workshop separately.

Most of our newly developed machines will be used in our fabric knitting factory for a profound test, after which, we will promote into the market.

Spare parts such as compound needle bed, tongue needle bed, needle guide bar, sinker bed, and latch needle bed are produced in our CNC machines, the bars or beds used on Chinese and German warp knitting machines. 

exhibition booth Global Exhibition: 

We attend professional textile machinery exhibitions worldwide, such as ITMA, ITM, ITME, and many others. During the exhibition, we not only display our newly developed technology, but also offer economical products to our customers. 

It is also a good time to collect customers' feedback and new demand, so that we could make better machines for them. 

Commuication and Cooperation is our theme to participate in all exhibitions. 

warp knitting machine training Customer Training

Technical support plays an extremely role in warp knitting machine services. We offer different forms of training, including professional manul book, online guide, video album, and on-site training. 

So far, we have offered on-site training in more than 10 countries, and build up our own local service teams in Türkiye, India, Pakistan, Indoneisa, Iran, and Egypt. 

Our in-time & professional technical support gains a highly reputation in markets. 

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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