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Why Flex Banner is an Excellent Choice for Outdoor Advertising

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What are Warp-knitted Flex Banners


As a commonly used outdoor advertising form, flex banner, also called canvas, is stimulated by the fast-growing economy. The warp-knitted PVC flexible banner is fully made from polyester and coated afterward, the warp-knitted flex banner is light-weighted and moisture resistant (flex-banner uses high tenacity and low shrinkage yarn, such as 1000D polyester), it is also corrosion-free, which means under the rain or sunshine, the warp-knitted flex banner could stand the test of time.

There are many forms of flex banners, such as printed banner, painted banner, laminated banner, and even embossed banner. Flex banners are widely used as wall panels, display panels, automotive ceilings, screen printing, advertising banners, and others.

In a word, the PVC flex banner is a versatile signage product with many applications thanks to its properties.

Advantages of the PVC Flex Banner

Warp-knitted PVC flex banner is compared positively to the traditional paper advertisement.

biaxial weft-insertion warp knitting machine fiberclass (9)

Firstly, PVC Flex Banner is Cost-effective.

The production capacity from the warp knitting machine is large and economical, besides, the PVC flex banner demands low-cost inks.

In addition, traditional paper advertising or plastic film requires a few days to become physical, while a reusable PVC flex banner can be printed and put into use in a very short time whether on a rainy day or inclement weather.

Secondly, PVC Flex Banner is More Flexible.

Unlike paper, which is easily brittle and tears, warp-knitted flex banner is the non-crimp fabric in a Directionally Orientated Structure.

The PVC flex banner could be produced in different widths or shapes out from the warp knitting machine, and it could be used indoors and outdoors both.

Thirdly, PVC Flex Banner is Durable & Stable.

A PVC flex banner has a high level of ink absorbency of any material in the market, and it can withstand many outer factors. The flex banner prints are extremely advantageous in terms of long standing life.  

Besides, the flex banner printing, which is used extensively indoors, does not pose any risk to human health. 

How to Choose a PVC Banner for Your Business

  • About the Size

The PVC banner can be printed in different sizes, and the most common sizes are 8ft x 3ft and 3m x 1m. Rest sizes such as 6ft x 2ft and 4ft x 2ft are also widely used.

Above mentioned sizes could be used as birthday banners, business promotions, and others.

tarpaulin warp knitting polyester mesh fabric

Polyester Mesh Base

  • About the Application Scenarios

If you're looking for a branded PVC banner for an official business event or an exhibition purpose, the material of the flex banner is the first priority you shall take into consideration. A vinyl banner, for example, blocks light from a building or scaffolding. A mesh banner, on the other hand, allows light to pass through. This makes it the ideal material for outdoor advertising because it's weather- and wind-proof.

  • About the Banner Specification

A PVC banner can be printed on a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, and mesh.

The material's weight, thickness, and durability also need to think over. You want a banner that won't easily tear or fall apart. This type of material is best for outdoor applications, where you'll want to be visible.

A vinyl banner isn't the best choice if it will block light and create a shadow instead of a banner that reflects light. So, if you're not worried about a certain material's weight, a mesh is a great choice.

The thickness of a PVC banner should be determined by the size of the banner. A PVC banner can be as narrow or as wide as you need it to be.

A thin banner will be difficult to read and will not be seen, but a large one will be. A thicker banner is easier to move around. You'll also be able to move it if the banner needs to be folded. In the event of a blown-up vinyl, it's easy to transport and can be rolled to fit into a corner.

The type of PVC banner that you select should be based on the function of the banner.

Considering the environment of the area where the banner will be placed will help you choose the best placement for your banner. While some banners are better suited to be placed indoors, others are best suited for outdoor use. It's important to ensure that the material will stand up to the elements in a particular area. You may also need a mesh for a PVC banner that's waterproof.

Different Mesh Structures of Polyester Base Fabric used for laminating, coating and compositing products:

advertising flex banner and coated tarpaulin (1)advertising flex banner and coated tarpaulin (4)advertising flex banner and coated tarpaulin (2)advertising flex banner and coated tarpaulin (5)

To summay, flex banner has a wide applications and obvious advantages in actual usage, the durable and cost-effective warp-knitted PVC flex banner is becoming more popular in markets. 

Biaxial Weft-insertion Warp Knitting Machine Working Video:

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