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Environmental-friendly Warp-knitted Artificial Grass

Views: 247     Author: A-ZEN Academy     Publish Time: 2022-10-04      Origin: Original

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What is the Warp-knitted Artificial Grass

New generation warp-knitted artificial grass is different from the traditional tufted artificial turf, it uses the warp knitting loop-forming principle to achieve a stable physical structure and reflect excellent durability and environmental performance. It has obvious characteristics: 

1. 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly

The grass pile and ground net are made of homogeneous material (PE), and there is no adhesive at the bottom, which can be recycled and reused, which solves the problem of environmental pollution and disposal when recycling waste lawns.

artificial grass traditional artificial grass

                              Warp-knitted Artifical Turf                                             Traditional Adhesive Turf 

2. Longer life-span

At present, artificial turf must be fixed and strengthened by adhesive treatment to strengthen the fastness of artificial turf on the base fabric, while the grass filaments of warp-knitted artificial turf are stitched on the base fabric without adhesive, and the grass filaments will not be pulled out. The grass has a strong sense of standing.

3. 100% water permeable, no standing water on site

Due to the special structure of its base fabric, warp-knitted artificial turf has tens of thousands of pores per square meter, so as to achieve 100% water permeability and ensure that the site is free of water accumulation.

The Advantages of Warp-knitted Artificial Grass

Green lawn formed by warp knitting sturcture is a unique hybrid grass product that forms a very strong and durable combination with natural grass. 

Constructed with a very strong polyester underside,
artificial turf each polyethylene/polypropylene hay bale is stitched into it, creating a root system that reinforces and protects the grass, while protecting the natural grass and its wear surface. Means that piles of natural grass can grow up and down unhindered. 

The characteristics of the grass and the special green grass hexagonal pattern promote the fusion between natural grass and artificial grass. Complete fusion after 6-8 weeks. You can see that the entire grass blanket is completely fixed by pulling the artificial grass. At this time, the artificial grass is no longer visible, only the natural grass. At the same time, the natural grass grows freely under the protection of the artificial grass system.

In general, when the natural grass without artificial grass protection is subjected to mechanical loads from animals, people, vehicles, etc., the piles of natural grass are first worn out, the soil is exposed, and finally the grass roots are exposed, and the grass roots will be severely damaged. The woven green grass can prevent this from happening, because the natural grass roots have space to protect their roots and send out new shoots without being trampled from above, effectively protecting the natural grass roots. Excellent 100% drainage ventilation, which means it also provides full ventilation. Grass is available in different heights from 12 - 60 mm. The haystack is anti-slip.

The advantages of this revolutionary green lawn are self-evident:

1. Extremely Durable and Tramplable

The special physical structure makes natural grass and artificial turf extremely strong;

2. Low Maintenance Cost

The special hexagonal pattern makes the grass pile firm and not easy to be damaged, which is much lower than the maintenance cost of natural grass;

artificial grass3. Evergreen

Even in winter, the site can be kept green;

4. Environmental Safety

No adhesive on the bottom, all PE material, 100% recyclable;

5. Very High Grass Pulling Force

Artificial grass is knitted with the ground from the raschel warp knitting machine, and the bottom is knitted with the grass pile (from the creel insert to the needles on the machine) at the same time, which is different from the traditional artificial turf technology.


The applications of warp-knitted artificial grass or turf are very wide, such as golf courses grass, football field grass, backyard lawn, park lawn, terrace grass, outdoor activity areas, and many others. 

golf grass football grass turf backyard turf

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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