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What Fabric Does Raschel Jacquard Machine Produce

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What Fabric Does Raschel Jacquard Machine Produce

Raschel Jacquard Warp Knitting Machine refers to the Raschel Warp Knitting Machine with the Piezo-Jacquard system. The most well-known Raschel Jacquard Warp Knitting Machine model is TH-4/1F or RJPC4F. Besides, TH-5/1F and TH-7/1F become popular in recent years because of the vertical blinds warp knitting curtain or smart curtain. 

Advantages of TH-4/1F Knitting Movements

TH-4/1F is the most classical machine model of Raschel Jacquard Fall-plate warps knitting machines, its textile application is widely used in garments, and home textiles, such as curtains, table covers, and chair covers, etc.

The piezo jacquard placed front moves in a shogging way only, and the fall-plate moves vertically, while ground bars behind move both shogging and front-and-back form.

The advantages of this mechanism structure of the TH-4/1F lie in that piezo jacquard could make two-needle overlap. One advantage of the two-needle overlap is that the fall-plate effect becomes more obvious (3D effect), especially after the dyed yarn or the colored yarn used on jacquard needles which makes it outstanding from the ground net. (see image 1)

warp knitting fabrics

What’s more, piezo jacquard needles move either overlap or underlap, so the lapping movement becomes various, and the longer reciprocating lapping movements is possible.

Procad Warp Knitting Software

image 1

Besides, the new advanced connecting link component applied on TH-4/1F and its improved models TH-5/1F, and TH-7/1F. Thanks to that, the machine's speed could reach 600rpm under stable running conditions. 

Image 2 indicates the connecting link component. The left is the TH-4/1F structure, and the right is the traditional structure.

Warp Knitting Machine

image 2

The left structure ensures a more stable movement of the fall-plate mechanism and keeps the same distant space to compound needles when it is in either before or back to compound needles. Because of this, the fall plate stitch is higher density instead of loose. 

Image 3 indicates the fall plate position to piezo jacquard needles.

fall plate warp knitting machine

Image 3

It shall be pointed out that, because the fall plate position to needles keeps nearly same always, so fall plate and fall plate yarn touch surface become less, and it reduces the friction between them, in hence, it increases machine running speed as well as machine running life-span.

Compared with the traditional warp knitting fall plate machine structure, the A-ZEN TH-4/1F raschel jacquard machine’s ground bars moves, and this subtle movement stitch GB2 bar in different position under overlap and underlap (see image 4, the black dot presents overlap and underlap yarn lap position).

warp knitting machine guide bars

image 4

This structure saves space for fall plate and compound, what’s more, because of ground bars move, it leaves more time for fall plate when pressing yarn and making stitch loops during the overlap process, and the lower looping position makes ground bars work easier, thus the same direction fall plate effect is possible.

When the same direction fall plate forms, the shogging process starts, so the ground yarn barely touches fall plate yarn. Fall plate loops shall be under tongue needles when overlapping (see image 5).

Fall plate warp knitting machine RJPC4F

image 5

It is obvious that the ground yarn (red color) and fall plate yarn (yellow color) are separate.

· Special Same direction fall plate effect 

Same-direction fall plate effect is another characteristic of the TH-4/1F raschel warp knitting machine, the difference between same or reverse direction fall plate effect is as follows:

warp knitting fabric jacqaurd pattern

Same direction in-lay effect

jacqaurd warp knitting fabrics

Reverse In-lay Effect

Reverse In-lay appears as “8” form, the looptail makes a 3D effect, while the whole pattern looks unclear and loose. The reason is that this effect is accomplished by both fall plate yarn and ground bar yarn (see image 6).

warp knitting machine TH4/1Fjacqaurd warp knitting machine

image 6

Because of reverse looping, fall plate yarn and ground yarn are independent, jacquard yarn is pressed by the fall plate, and ground yarn gives no interference and is placed in position A. Because ground yarn stop at jacquard yarn's backside, jacquard yarn finds no block at position B, so the fall plate effect looks like “8” form(see image 7).

warp knitting design warp knitting machinery

image 7

The above image shows that the open stitch of jacquard yarn and ground yarn move in the same direction, the ground yarn loop tail works on jacquard yarn. Because of the open stitch, position A receives no pressing force and so the jacquard yarn and in-lay yarn combined. This kind of in-lay effect is different from ground bar in-lay alone, it is more suitable for loops across more than 3 needles.

Loops Effect:

warp knitting stitch form

Jacquard loop at Position A, ground yarn avoids block jacquard back looks since it is open stitch

· Two Needles Overlap 

warp knitting technology

loop tail of A covers jacquard yarn B, when the stitching process is done, jacquard yarn turns to the left.

Stitch Effect:

warp knitting design

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