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What Are the Advantages of the Vertical Warp-knitted Curtain?

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What are the advantages of the Vertical Warp-knitted Curtain?

When you open or close the "Dream-like Curtain" or the "Smart Curtain", the nickname of which is the vertical blinds warp-knitted curtain, you can barely feel its existence because of its lightweight and complete silence.

The warp-knitted curtain has a wide range of products, and the vertical blinds curtain is one of the most creative ones introduced into the market since 2016. 

Smart Curtain
Smart Curtain

Smart curtain, which is produced from the A-ZEN TH-5/1F Raschel Jacquard machine, has been warmly welcomed by markets since 4 years ago. As a market-tested textile, there are many incomparable merits of the dream-like curtain which outstand it from the rest, here are some brief advantages of it:

1. Lighter & Softer Curtain

Warp-knitted curtain mesh is a high-quality fabric, and it does not have non-woven or PVC material coated, also no need for any steel or iron control device. 

By using the 150D DTY and 30D mono yarn, the curtain mesh is softer compared with other curtain fabrics. 

Besides, the creative design of the shaded part and the mesh part perfectly make it quite light. 

2. Functional Textile

Thanks to its revolutionary wand solution, dream-like curtain is the one that could bring both good shading effect as well as improve indoor fresh air mobility. Personal privacy will also be carefully protected by turning heavy folds, and fresh air and outdoor sight are available by just swaying out of the way and settling back.

dream-like curtain1
dream-like curtain2

Dream-like Curtain, A Brand New Concept in Home Furnishings

3. Various Designs

Colors and patterns are freely combined according to family members' appetites in the vertical blinds warp knitting curtains. For example, the customer chooses design with color matching and can change design anytime when you want so, it is not boring even keep for a long time and it is a very economical item compared with changing the whole curtains. 

Various Designs

4. Environment-friendly Textile

Dream-like curtain adopts an anti-pollutant coating on the surface, and easier to keep them clean. Moreover, each fabric is available to dismantle and washable only if the vane has been stained. When they need to clean up, you can just sweep dirt with soap, because they are washable and recyclable. Dream-like curtains are proven to save much more energy compared with others.

Environment-friendly Textile1
Environment-friendly Textile2
Environment-friendly Textile3

5. Memorized Shape

Even though curtains have been used for years or even the vanes tangled, it does not change their vertical effect. Because of the warp knitting special knitting structure, the curtain is quicker to recover its original shape rather than shaped by outside force easily. This memorized shape merit is also remarkable compared with other forms of the curtain.

Memorized Shape

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