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What is Jacquard Terry Machine?

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What is Jacquard Terry Machine?

The Warp Knitting terry machine belongs to the warp knitting tricot machine family, TS4-C and TS4-TJ are the two models of warp knitting terry machines.

TS4-C type terry machine (its predecessor model is KS4-FBZ) is for producing plain microfiber terry towels, TS4-TJ machine is more advanced because of its piezo-jacquard system which is capable of knitting patterned terry cloth. 

Both machines are able to producing cleaning towels, beach towels, kitchen terry fabric, bathrobes, and hotel terry towels. 

However, in view of the problem of monotonous conventional process and too simple pattern of warp-knitted towels,jacquard technology was used in product design to enrich the appearance of warp-knitted towels pattern and improve their grades.

About TS4-TJ Piezo Jacquard Warp Knitting Terry Towel Machine

TS4-TJ adopts piezo-technology which is capable of making various designs on microfiber terry towels.

terry towel1

terry towel2

TS4-C terry machine works 4 bars to knit piles on double sides, GB2 and GB3 make a stitch to pillar ground, while GB1 and GB4 knit to form pile surface. With the additional devices, such as full-head needles and individual brushing device, a longer pile effect becomes available.

TS4-TJ Bars

TS4-TJ Bars Arrangement: one piezo jacquard bar, three guide bars.

TS4-C Bars

TS4-C Bars Arrangement: Four ground guide bars. 

Compared with TS4-C, TS4-TJ adopts piezo-technology which is capable of making various designs on terry towels. And on TS4-TJ, GB1 is replaced with JB1, which could help to produce 3 kinds of terry textile, which are both sides have piles, one side has a pile while the other has not, and both sides have no pile. (See “Table I”)

Table Ⅰ

<Table I>

Remark: "H/H" means two sides have piles, "H/T" means one side has piles while the other does not have, and "T/T" means both sides no piles.

From “Table I”, it is obvious noted that JB1’s basic notation is 1-0/3-4//.  Based on different designs, piezo needles move left on an odd course, and JB1’s notation becomes 2-1/3-4//. When the front bar makes a stitch instead of making a pile, so terry surface will display a pattern while another surface will show full piles.

If both side patterns are required, we just need to make piezo needles move left on both odd and even number courses, so JB1’s notation becomes 2-1/4-5//.

About Microfiber Yarn

About Microfiber Yarn

Microfiber Yarn is divided into polyester microfiber, nylon microfiber, and polyester+nylon microfiber yarn. The common spec. includes 4.4 tex/144 f、35.6 tex/144 f.2.2 tex/72 f、20.0 tex/72 f、1 8.3 tex/72 f、17.8 tex/72 f、8.3 tex/36 f.5.6 tex/36 f. After the process, microfiber yarn shows good effects in water-absorbing, degreasing, anti-adhesive effect as well as antibacterial effect. And it is widely used in cleaning textiles, kitchen terry towels, sea beach towels, bath towels, and others.

Table Ⅱ

<Table II>

Cleaning Towel Design Technical Example

Pattern height 414 courses, finished CPC 13.8course/cm, finished weight is 350 g/m2.

Yarn Spec:

17.8tex/72f 16P Polyester+Polymaid combined (A), 11.1tex/48f (100D/48f) FDY(B), 33.3tex (300D)DTY (C).

Design Notation:

Table Ⅲ

<Table III>

Our Machine terry towel

Microfiber terry machine

<Factory On-site Image>

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