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Raschel Jacquard Machine Fabric Sturcture Case

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Raschel Jacquard Machine Fabric Sturcture Case

Raschel Jacquard Machine refers to raschel lace machine with piezo jacquard system, such as TH-4/1F, TH-5/1F, and TH-7/1F. 

About TH-4/1F Warp Knitting Machine 

TH-4/1F has a separate piezo-jacquard system, and three ground bars, namely Bar 3, Bar 4, and Bar 5. 

Jacquard bars make patterns, while the three ground bars stitch the ground net. 

TH-4/1F has a wide working width, 130", 200", and 242", in gauge E18, E24. 

About Ground Notation 

In raschel jacquard warp knitting design, sometimes a small change would subtly bring a different effect. This month, our engineer gave one on-site presentation on how to get a better effect by changing the GB2 notation from 00/22//to 22/00// on our customer's TH-4/1F machine ( TH-4/1F Machine Link: TH-4/1F).

warp knitting machine system

Because the directions are different, and partly because of the tension, 22/00// would bring a more clear & flat effect than its counterpart, the following images show the difference.

warp knitting mesh net


warp knitting tulle fabric


It should be noted that there is no one-size-fits-all in warp knitting design, and more possibilities are waiting for our exploration.

You will be most welcome if you have any suggestions, pls send an email to: info@azentex.com for deeper contact.

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.

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