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E36 Tricot Warp-knitted Automotive Interiors Fabrics

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Automotive interiors fabric made from tricot warp knitting machine and double-needle bar raschel warp knitting machine in general, and high-grade automotive interior fabric made from fine gauge warp knitting machines. Changzhou A-ZEN produced E36 gauge tricot machine HKS3M for producing first-class tricot mesh fabrics used as car fabrics. 

tricot machine automotive fabrics (1)

Tricot Machine HKS3M

Machine Model: HKS3M;

Machine Working Width: 168";

Machine Gauge: E36;

Machine Working Speed: 20-2000rpm (Depends on Yarn & Designs);

This machine equipped with full carbon-fiber-reinforced needle beds and guide bars, Groz-Beckert compound needles, Saxonia Guide needles, four lines laser stops, blower device, and beams feedback rollers. Almost all spare parts used are market-tested and from quality brands. 

Tricot Machine for upholstery fabrics In-house Running Test

Before handover to the customer, we had a in-house running test. The 5-days running with yarn will infuse confidence in knowing our HKS3M general performance. Tricot fabric details as follows:

  • Upholstery Fabrics Chain Notation: 

1-0/2-3//(GB1), 1-2/1-0//(GB2);

  • automotive interiors fabrics Yarn Specification: 

Polyester 60D24F;

  • Machine Take-up Density: 


  • A-ZEN Tricot Warp Knitting Machine Working Speed:


 tricot machine automotive fabrics (3)  warp knitting machine beam    tricot fabric 

Two Panels Working on 186" Wide Warp Knitting Machine

Tricot Machine In-house Test Video:

  Business Contact: info@azentex.com

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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