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[Lace Multibar] MSJ91/1B Multibar Jacquard Lace Machine

Views: 7     Author: A-ZEN Academy     Publish Time: 2022-04-07      Origin: Original

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[Lace Multibar] MSJ91/1B Multibar Jacquard Lace Machine

The Lace Machine MSJ91/1B (Jacquard at back) is the latest advanced Jacquardtronic Lace Multibar Raschel Machine for the production of patterned Elastic and rigid lace fabrics on market at the moment.

The highly integrated machine whose jacquard bar in the back offers a wider range of design possibilities because of its more pattern bars, which are located in 11 nests. The faster working speed leads to much higher productivity compared with its counterparts. And the positive pattern beams drives, as well as the market-tested EL servo performance both, assure a better elegant fabric surface.

In the last two years, we offered some MSJ91/1B machines (134", 200") to markets, and with more purchasing orders placed, we're sure this machine will show a stronger vitality amid economic uncertainties.

Specification to MSJ91/1B Lace Warp Knitting Machine:

· Working Width: 134"/200";

· Gauge: E24;

· Bars Arrangement: 1GB+88PB+1 Separate Jacquard Bar+1GB(Elastic Bar);

· Flexbile String Needles;

· Electrical Yarn Let-off, Take-up, and Batching Device.

lace warp knitting machine

134" two panels machine

lace fabric knitting machine

200" three panels machine

warp knitting machine multibar raschel model

New machine for delivery

warp knitting machine multibar raschel model flexible string bar

Pattern bars nests

Nidec Drive System on Lace Machine

Pattern bars EL servo drive

Lace strim from A-ZEN Lace Machine

Lace running from our Lace Warp Knitting Machine

Lace strim from A-ZEN Lace Machine

Business Contact: info@azentex.com 

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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