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Jacquardtronic Designs | MSJ65/1B Lace Machine Designs

Views: 8     Author: A-ZEN Academy     Publish Time: 2019-12-25      Origin: Original

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Jacquardtronic Designs | MSJ65/1B Lace Machine Designs

About Lace Machine

Lace warp knitting machine has a wide product range, including Multibar Lace Machines, Jacquard Multibar Lace Machines, Jacquard Raschel Machines, and Fall Plate Jacquard Multibar Lace Machines.

Lace machines produce high-end warp-knitted lace used as exquisite lace gallons, elegant overall fabrics as well as curtains.

About Jacquardtronic Machine

Jacquardtronic lace machine outstands other machine models in its piezo-jacquard system. Jacquardtronic lace machine is also called jacquard multibar lace machine or multi-bar jacquard lace machine. 

Jacquard multibar lace machine produces patterned textiles with various mesh grounds, which are used as lingerie, decorated fabrics, and outwear.

Machine models include MSJ43/1B, MSJ56/1B, MSJ65/1B, MSJ73/1B, MSJ83/1, and MSJ91/1.

About Jacquardtronic Pattern Designs

Designers create pattern sketches from EAT or Photoshop program, and finish the pattern bars designs on Procad Developer program. 

Following sketches are some patterns for MSJ65/1 machine. 

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MSJ65/1 Machine LinkLace Machine Catalog

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