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  • Q What warp knitting fabrics could be produced from your double needle bar raschel machines?

    A Our double needle bar warp knitting machines could produce air mesh spacer fabrics, plush velvet fabrics, seamless dress fabrics, and tape fabrics. The applications of double needle bar machines fabrics are wide, including air mesh sports shoes, mattress textiles, seat textiles, flannel velvet, carpet velvet, blanket velvet, sports suits, yoga wear, and different types of tapes. 
  • Q In what aspects your double needle bar raschel machines differ from others?

    A Firstly, our double needle bar warp knitting machine products range is wide and complete, we offer double needle bar raschel machines in different types like RD5, RD6, RD7, RDJ5/1, RDJ7/1, RDJ4/2, RDJ6/2, and AZ2885 blanket machines. 
    Secondly, we adopt quality spare parts and strict assemble inspection methods to ensure our double needle bar machines' quality.
    Thirdly, our warp knitting machines largely work in different markets for years, continuous improvements and sustainable development help our double needle bar warp knitting machines to be of stronger and stable quality.
    Lastly, we offer customized specifications to the different requirements, so both stable and economical warp knitting machines could be achievable. 

  • Q How do you ensure your machine quality


    Firstly, we produce and provide lots of machines to the market, and our machines' lifespan and quality ensured by different markets over the years.

    Secondly, we largely use renowned and market-tested spare-part brands, to make sure the mechnical and electrical part are durable. 

    Besides, we have reqularl service to customers, to check our machines quality and remind customers of maintenance, so our customers could run machine always in a stable performance. 

  • Q Do you offer local service

    A we provide local service in India, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and Iran so far, and we will enlarge our service teams in more countries in the near future.
  • Q What service can we get from your company?

    A We offer various services to our warp knitting machines users, such as fabric analysis, designs development, local installation, and regular maintenance service.  Besides, we could also offer online guide and operation because of the wifi program equipped with our warp knitting machines. 

  • Q You are a trading company or a manufacturer

    A we are a manufacturer since 2012, and we have our own trading company in 2017, the brand of which is A-ZEN, which is specialized for importing and exporting service. 
  • Q How do you provide service if Chinese engineers can not come installation

    A Before machine delivery, we have a in-house test process, to make sure machine performance perfectly. After machine arrives, we provide in-time online guide to support our customer finish machine installation.
  • Q Do u have warping machine spare parts

    A Yes, we provide full line warping machine spare parts for all chinese brand warping machines. Like warping machine oil tensioner, beam chuck, yarn drop stop motion and so on.
  • Q Do u provide spare parts for Karl Mayer warping machine

    A Karl mayer warping machine spare parts are different from chinese warping machines. we can provide some accessories. like warping machine arm, beam chuck, some kinds of oil tensioners, and roller tensions
  • Q How is your warping machine spare parts quality

    A We are warping machine manufacture. all of the spare parts are under strict quality test before we use for our warping machines. so our accessories have quality assurance
  • Q what kind of warping machine spare parts u provice

    A We provide spare parts for direct warping machine, split warping machine ( mother yarn split warping machine), and spandex warping machine.
  • Q what service u provide if we buy spare parts from you

    A We can guide u to use the spare parts and provide u professional suggestions if you have no own engineer
  • Q Can warp knitting machines be used for technical textiles?

    A Yes, warp knitting machines are well-suited for producing technical textiles. These machines offer the flexibility to create fabrics with specific characteristics required in technical applications, such as high strength, heat resistance, or filtration properties.
  • Q Are warp knitting machines suitable for small-scale production?

    A Warp knitting machines are commonly used for large-scale production due to their high-speed capabilities. However, smaller warp knitting machines are available in the market, catering to the needs of small-scale manufacturers or specialized fabric production.
  • Q Can warp knitting machines be used for elastic fabrics?

    A Yes, warp knitting machines can be used to produce elastic fabrics. By utilizing specific yarns and adjusting the machine settings, warp knitted fabrics with stretch and recovery properties can be created, catering to applications that require elasticity.
  • Q What is the production capacity of a warp knitting machine?

    A The production capacity of a warp knitting machine varies depending on factors such as machine type, fabric specifications, and operating conditions. High-speed warp knitting machines can produce several meters of fabric per minute, enabling large-scale production volumes.
  • Q How is your terry towel machine quality

    A We have sold terry towel machine to some countries, like india, pakistan, turkey and indonesia. Our machine has a stable running speed and good performance which brings repeat orders from our customers.
  • Q what is your warping machine quality? are they easy to operate

    A We have many customers who placed repeated orders and highly praised our machine performance due to our machines high quality and in-time service.
    our warping machines are intelligent. they are automatic and easy to operate. 
  • Q what warping machine is suitable for what kind of warp knitting machines

    A Our warping machines are suitable for raschel machines, like lace warp knitting machines, double needle bar warp knitting machines, and tricot machines, like microfiber terry towel warp knitting machine, tricot warp knitting machines.
  • Q your warping machine can have customized creel

    A we are warping machine manufacture with experience over 15 years. most of the creels can be customized. we will provide drawing first after negotiate with customers and then start production
We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.

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