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How to Edit Ground Bar Notation of HKS4EL

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      HKS4EL high performance tricot warp knitting machine is designed for producing zigzag patterned fabrics which widely used as hometextiles, net curtains, garments, and automotive interiors fabrics.

      With more advanced technology applied and durable spare parts used, Changzhou A-ZEN HKS4EL warp knitting machine shows a strong performance stability as well as a high function-price ratio.

      In this article, we will make a brief introduction of our HKS4EL and tell how to operate on HKS4EL design download work.

1. What Are the Advantages of A-ZEN's HKS4EL Tricot Machine

  • Strict Inspection & Precise Assembly

       HKS4EL is a highly integrated warp knitting machine working at a high speed, and because of this, every spare parts from it have to be under a strict inspection to make sure their accuracy and consistency could reach to a high-strict textile production standard.

trilinear coordinates measuring instrument tricot warp knitting machine tricot warp knitting machine

                          Spare Parts Dimensional Inspection                                                         Presice Consistency Control In Assembly Line

  • First-class Brands Spare Parts

       Durable spare parts are the necessary but not the only prerequisites for a quality warp knitting machine. We always choose to work with first-class brands in the warp knitting fields over years, such as INA, FAG, NSK, Groz-Beckert, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Schneider, etc.

We're well aware of that good spare parts not only ensure a stable working performance but also reduce production maintenance cost for the customers, so we spare no effrots to use best spare parts on our machines.

tricot warp knitting machine tricot warp knitting machine tricot warp knitting machine Layer type carbon fiber material

  • In-house Test Before Handover to Customers

       We arrange a yarn running inspection work for each machine to deliver, and during the in-house running, we will test different patterns, take-up CPC and observe the performance of the machine at different speeds.

After rigorous testing, we will be confident to deliver a satisfactory industrial product to our customers.

tricot warp knitting machine HKS4 EL Chinese tricot machines

2. How to Download Designs From the USB

       When we want to use pattern file which already saved in the USB drive, we just need to insert it to the screen and operate under the EL System page:

3. How to Create a New Pattern Notation

        When the operator wants to create a new pattern file or edit a new ground bar notation, he or she could make this happen by editing each ground bar under the Pattern Set page, except editing the notation of each ground bar, other data such as the pattern height, and take-up cpc amount are also necessary to write in.

      HKS4EL has a strong pattern edit capability compared with its predecessor and A-ZEN HKS4EL shows abvious advantages in its stability and economic applicability than its counterparts. Although, A-ZEN warp knitting technology team is giving continuous R&D to enhance its spare parts quality as well as overall performance. 

Business Cooperation: info@azentex.com

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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