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Unveiling The Innovation: TH2886EL Revolutionizes Plush Fabric Production

Views: 58     Author: A-ZEN Academy     Publish Time: 2023-12-07      Origin: Original

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In the competitive landscape of textile manufacturing, our company takes pride in introducing the cutting-edge TH2886EL warp knitting machine, a revolutionary model designed for the production of premium plush fabrics such as large rabbit fur, mink, blankets, and carpets.

Distinguishing Advantages of TH2886EL:

1. Versatile Pile Heights (20-120mm):

With an expansive range of pile heights, the TH2886EL is engineered to meet diverse product demands, ensuring flexibility in applications.

                  raschel blanket warp knitting machine (3) rabbit fur knitting machine

2. High-Low Pile Capability:

Unlike traditional plush knitting machines, the TH2886EL excels in producing high-low pile fabrics. This innovative technology creates distinct textures directly during the knitting process, mimicking the natural variety found in fur and enhancing the overall tactile and visual appeal.

rabbit fur fabrics (3) rabbit fur fabrics (5) rabbit fur fabrics (2) rabbit fur fabrics (1)

3. Reduced Material Waste: 

By significantly minimizing the need for post-processing steps like trimming, TH2886EL contributes to a remarkable 20% reduction in yarn wastage compared to conventional plush fabric production methods.

4. Stability and High Productivity:

The TH2886EL boasts exceptional performance stability, ensuring consistent output at high production volumes (the daily production from 100" TH2886EL machine could reach 450KGS/day for 700gsm weight blanket). Its efficiency translates to increased productivity, providing a competitive edge in the market.

pattern slitting machine for rabbit fur (1) pattern slitting machine for rabbit fur (2)

Pattern Slitting Machine (Working Width 2900mm, Working Speed: 5-55m/min depends on fabrics)

5. All 6 Guide Bars Electronic Pattern Drive (EL): 

Equipped with six guide bars of electronic pattern drive, TH2886EL facilitates convenient and efficient prototyping, allowing for quick adjustments and optimizations during the production process.

The TH2886EL's capacity to produce high-low pile fabrics has positioned it as a trendsetter in the world of plush textiles. Not only does it align with the latest fashion trends, but it also offers substantial profit margins.

Invest in TH2886EL for a seamless blend of technology, efficiency, and style in plush fabric manufacturing. Elevate your products with the perfect harmony of innovation and tradition, setting new standards in the industry.

TH2886EL Main Technical Parameters

TH2886EL warp knitting machine uses oil-immersed cam mechanism, the ground bars are swing and adjustable, and the pile bars are swing as well. 

Needle Type Individual Latch Needle, Block Lacth Needle Optional.
Working Width 100", 110", 140", 170" (inch)
Machine Gauge
Numbers of Bars 6 Bars
Yarn Let-off  Electronic Yarn Let-off
Pattern Drive Electronic Drive
Fabric Batching & Take-up Electronic Batching and Take-up
Knock-over Distance 20-120mm
Main Motor Power 2.2-4KW
Working Speed 50-700 rpm

TH2886EL Machine Working Video

Business Contact: info@azentex.com 

We have 15 years' experience in the research and production of Warp Knitting Machinery.


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